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This makes the pattern more unique. Step 4: Cut a one-bump piece and twist it to the bottom of the spine. Step 2: To make the skull, cut two bumps and twist them together so that the delicate parts are hidden. Step 6: To make the rib cage, cut four two-bump pieces and twist them onto the spine. Also, cut out different petal shapes from the felt. Step 5: Cut another stem in half and twist each piece to one side of the hip bone. Step 2: At the party, give kids acrylic paints and brushes, and invite them to paint a silly or spooky face on their pots. Step 2: Then, your kids can decorate their man-eating flowers with evil eyes, luscious lips, nefarious noses, perfect petals, and sinister stems.

Bend this stem to form shoulders and arms, cutting the stems to remove most of the thin part antique jhumkas of each side and twisting the stem back together to look like elbow joints. Yes, he’s soft, but he sure is scary and you can pose him however you’d like. If you’d like to add this item to compare, you need to remove one of the other four items. Next, add the skeleton’s arms. Then help them scoop soil into their pots and plant the seeds according to the packet directions. Bend the thick parts into a circle, then straighten out the thin bottom parts and twist them together and onto the spine. This will be the spine. The grass will sprout within a week, making silly hair for the pot people.

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