When it comes to watching movies, the best place to find them is on OTT platforms. They are home to numerous types of movies, from drama and romance to horror and suspense. Many individuals are currently looking for online watch movies that come with excellent stories and powerful acting. If you love movies that carry the 90s vibe and show a heartfelt fight between prejudice and love, the movie mentioned below is right for you. Take a look!

 Colour Photo

 The movie Colour Photo stands out as a heart-wrenching story that will stay with you. It is directed by Sandeep Raj, produced by Loukya Entertainment and Amrutha Productions. The film has Suhas in the lead role with Harsha Chemudu, Chandi Chowdhury, and Sunil. Kaala Bhairava composes the music, and the cinematographer is Venkat Shakamuri. Sai Rajesh writes it is based on the events that he has experience in real life. The entire movie was shot in Machilipatnam, Vijayawada many other parts surrounding it. The principal photography started on January 8th, 2020, in Hyderabad.

Movie plot

 Set in the late years of the 90s, which tells the story of Jayakrishna. He is a mechanical engineer student and a son of a milkman. He is a hard-working and sincere individual, a wallflower, a pretty average for academics, and wishes to live a life with pride. Jayakrishna is well-aware that education is his ticket towards recognition and better livelihood within the society.

 But during his mission to become a well-established person, he meets and falls in love with Deepti is pretty well-off compared to him. He first meets here when Deepti was getting ready for a dance performance. Jayakrishna’s admiration towards her is pious and more than just youthful. Since he knew that he was no match for her, so Deepti took the step to make the first move. But Jayakrishna knew that their journey, will not be that easy.

 The review

 Colour Photo is not just an amount of drama and romance, but also talks about the class and skin-colour of people when they were discriminated against during the 90s. The irregular bigotry that takes place within the grab of the humour also gets addressed. Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun and white and black photos are the terms that take a jibe towards couple with different skin colours. The movie also comes with interesting segments, such as the dichotomy of Ramaraju, who is Deepti’s cop brother loathes Jayakrishna, despite being dark-skinned himself. Other film segments fight between team Vanarasena and British in college and Jayakrishna giving a speech in front of a white-skinned foreigner. Overall, the movie delivers a melodramatic hue with an emotionally moving and hard-hitting feeling.

 Over to you

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