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Watch Mighty Raju Battery Low Movie Online

Here how Mighty Raju has protected Aryanagar from streaks of Meteors from space which enters earth’s atmosphere, how the space station was freed from karati, and how Mighty Raju protects Aryanagar with the help of a black star using its quantum power will be treated for kids to watch this super stuff and besides children gain a good amount of knowledge regarding space activities.

 Genre: Cartoon

Duration: 62 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

 Animated Character: ChhotaBheem, Ganesh, Raju, chutki, Jaggu, Kalia, DholuBholu

Director: Rajeev Chilaka

Producer: Rajeev Chilaka

Music Director: Sunil Kaushik.

The Mighty Raju title song explains the highlights of the story. Karati plans to steal omega-2, which is coming from the sky. By omega-2 karati gets the power to destroy the world. Arya Nagar people plan to watch a meteor show in the evening by professor Swamywho is Raju’s father.

Swamy was tensed about karati and called police security to protect omega-2. Mighty Raju is brave and intelligent. He races parallelly with missiles to place in a proper way. The complete Arya Nagar was waiting for the evening show of the meteor race where mighty Raju was participating in parallel to meteros.

Cheeky Robo gives the info of the meteor to Raju, which was stolen from his father. Atlast, the show begins, people start cheering for Mighty Raju. The complete show goes in an exciting way. All of a sudden, Mighty Raju’s energy goes low by the power of Omega-2.

What happened to Mighty Raju? Did he protect omega-2 from Karati? Are the Arya Nagar people saved at the end? Watch the complete Mighty Raju Battery Low story in Aha OTT.


  1. This movie has a unique concept of meteors traveling to Earth, which has the power of omega-2.
  2. How Mighty Raju traveled parallel to meteors is the highlight of the movie
  3. The Karati character in the movie was designed very well.
  4. The music is another asset of the movie which children enjoy thoroughly.
  5. The direction of the movie is top-notch, which was helmed by Rajeev Chilaka.

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Mighty Raju Battery Low is all about a new concept of how meteors enter earth atmosphere and the superpower they carry along with them,i.e., Omega-2, how Mighty Raju handled this superpower not to fall in the hands of Karati. Was he really successful in this mission? Watch Mighty Raju low battery in Aha OTT.

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