Is it realistic to dream of owning a poker business? We all enjoy playing poker and want to make some money. What would it be like to quit your job and become a professional poker player!

Are you wondering if online poker sites could bring you money?

Although there is potential, what makes success different from mediocrity? It can be summarized in one word: Discipline when it comes to online agen joker123 deposit pulsa. To eliminate the gambling element from the game of poker, we must develop a sense for discipline in our play. Many of us are proficient in poker and some players are better than others. How can we get that edge?

My belief is that if you want to generate income, or supplement your existing one at all, you must plan and treat your poker game as a business. You can reach your goals even when you play poker for money if you have boundaries.

This is not about playing different poker patterns or setting poker strategies. I am referring to how you invest your money in online gambling sites. To maximize your profits, there are some ideas that you can use.

Many players will deposit money to a poker site like Full Tilt Poker or 888 Poker, and then play with that money in the hope of making a fortune. But how do you increase your betting amount? What point can you withdraw funds from your account? Which money are you playing?

Yes, who is the money you are playing with?

Let’s suppose you have $1100 in your account. It is possible to split it into 10 x $100 ($10-rake) and 10 player turbo tournaments. You will be able to make $100 less if you believe you can win one ($500), one second ($300), and one third ($200) wins out of ten games. This is because you won’t place in the top 3 7 times out of 10 times. (I believe that this is conservative, if youre good enough)

As you know, there are many bonuses that can be used to encourage you to open an account at different poker sites.

Why not take $1100 from your existing account and open 2 new accounts each with $550? You will receive a 100% bonus sign up bonus if you choose the right online poker site. This will increase each account to $1100. The $100 bonus will be reverted to your original $100 plan. This means you can play in 20 x $100 ($10/rake) tournaments. Your results will be averaged and you could get 2x1st ($1000), 3x2nd ($600) or 4x3rd ($400).

This is a profit in excess of $900, or a return on investment greater than 80%. This doesn’t take into account your playing style, strategies and betting frequency. Some players may not expect to win in 80% of the games while others may think they are better and get a higher return on their tournaments. You can also play 10 x $200 tournaments or cash games. Your pot may be smaller. These results are not guaranteed. I don’t know your level so I can’t guarantee you that you will achieve them. You need to analyze these statistics to determine if you can make a profit. You are responsible for analyzing your individual statistics and results.

This is how you plan your joker123 pulsa poker business. It’s just like any other business plan.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I get away with this?” You might be asking why poker sites would allow you to keep doing this.

This is the key to success. The secret to winning is that 95% of investors won’t withdraw their money from gambling sites. They will instead see so much benefit from winning that it will encourage them to keep growing their accounts. Many will lose their money and deposit more. What makes us different? We have Discipline. We know that if the $2000 is withdrawn, we can open 2 new accounts with the $1100 initial deposit and make $900 profit.

You should also read the terms and conditions of each site before making withdrawals.

You should also be aware of the possibility that you might have a poor run. These numbers assume a 30% chance that you will be able to place in each of the 20 tournaments. However, if you have only 3x2nds from these 20 games, you still make $100 after paying the rake. You would lose $200 if you used your existing account without the sign up bonus.

I know which one I prefer. It is important to have money, it is important to be greedy, and winning is great.

Remember to PLAN, and in that plan use great DISCIPLINE. You can reduce the gambling element of poker and make more money playing the game you love. You can start a poker business. But, it is important to do your research first. It is important to determine how large your float is. You need to know what your standard is and where you can compete. You must also know your break-even results and your results capability. If you’re not a skilled enough player, it is pointless to suggest that you can win all 20 x $200 games.

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