None of the poker pros in the world were born to play poker. The key to being a professional poker player, is the ability to learn, discover and put into practice all of the skills that you have acquired along your journey.

You must view poker as a career option, and not just a job. It is important to acquire the necessary skills and then apply them in quality poker lessons. There is no magic bullet that will make you a great poker player. It is all about the lessons you learn and how they are applied to your game.

Sit and go (SNG), poker lessons are best learned by reading as much about poker as possible and taking that knowledge with your when you play at a table. Understanding how to play skillfully is possible by understanding the basics of hand selection, position, and psychology.


The most important aspect of poker is using your position to your advantage over your opponents. If the guy who acts like you is always aggressive and raises a lot, then you need to ensure that you only play when you are ahead. This is a great situation to be in.

Selection of Poker Hands

Preflop, choosing the right hand is crucial. Many hands can make or break you. You should never play a hand that is not your favorite or has significant significance. Hands like 10 2 are not often the best in a poker game.

Poker Psychology

You can use the advantages of a SNG against your opponents. A SNG usually has inexperienced players who are often not strong enough for a big field tournament.

SNG players often play these smaller tournaments to test their skills. This gives them an edge if they will use all of their poker lessons. Many SNG players are limited in time and money, so they want to double up quickly to cash.

To play well against unskilled players in a SNG, you can use the benefits of poker lessons. You should allow yourself plenty of time to play so that you don’t rush, pick the best hands for the situation, and use position whenever possible. These simple lessons and more will make you a successful SNG poker player.

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